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  • How do I get my monthly bill? How do I pay?
    Generally, around the 27th of each month these are placed in the mail slot for each space number. The clubhouse door should be open during business hours. You will receive a One Call informing everyone that they are available for pick up. There are few ways to pay: Drop Box at Clubhouse, Drop Box by office, mail or hand deliver to the office.
  • How do I pay my utilities?
    The utilities for individual spaces will be included with your monthly space rent. The meters are read approximately the 11th and 12th of the month.
  • What day is the trash collected? How can I get a different size collection cart?
    The community is serviced each Tuesday. The following holidays will delay collection by one day: New Year’s Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Arrangements for swapping out the collection carts can be made through the Skyline Ranch office
  • What is “One Call”?
    It’s a group messaging service that will inform our community information, reminders and various communication as needed. If you wish to opt out please notify the office and we will remove your number (s) from the contact list.
  • What Cable/Internet providers are available?
    Your space agreement entitles you to a basic TV plan with Mediacom. See attached channel guide. Red circled channels are the included plans. Upgrades are available. When calling Mediacom please mention it is for “Residential Bulk Account” Cable TV Call: (888) 845-6245 Internet Call: 800-332-0245 Additional internet choices include ATT and Valley Center Wireless
  • I would like to paint my new home and improve my landscaping. Do I need prior approval?
    The community is committed to maintaining cohesiveness and we do require submission of a “Home & Yard Improvement Form”. These can be obtained at our office for approval in advance of these projects.
  • What outside areas of my space are mine to maintain?
    It is your responsibility to maintain your carport and yard. There are common areas that are cared for by the owner. If you are unclear on the boundaries we will be happy to assist you.
  • How do I let guests into the community?
    Upon arrival at the gate please have them call your phone number. You will pick up the call and push 9.
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